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Instructor: Dr. Jn. Kearnes
POLS 4110 American Presidency (CRN 22372)
Office: University Hall 221
Spring 2003 15wk. Jan. 6-April 28
Office Phs: (912) 921-5678/927-5296
University Hall 103
MWF 11:00-11:50 a.m.



"The Buck Stops Here!" --Harry S Truman

"Policy where there is no absolute . . . ruler . . . means massed opinion, and the forming of the mass is the whole art and mastery of politics." - Woodrow Wilson

"There is no undefined residuum of (presidential) power."- William Howard Taft

The President is the steward of the people. - Theodore Roosevelt

"When the President does it, that means that it is not illegal." -Richard Nixon

Texts and Learning Resources:

Texts: Joseph Pika, John Maltese, Norman Thomas. 2002. The Politics of the Presidency. CQ Press, 5th Ed.
  Louis Fisher. 1995. Presidential War Power. University Press of Kansas.
Recommended: Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, and John Jay. 1787. The Federalist Papers.
  Stephen Covey. The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People.
  Harry Lorayne. Page-A-Minute Memory Book.
Web Sites: White House Tour
  Center for the Study of the Presidency
  Smithsonian Bibliography of Recently Published Books on the Presidency
  Grolier's American Presidency website

Legal Reference Librarian

Caroline Hopkinson - Lane Library - hopkinca@mail.armstrong.edu
1. The Needs of Democratic Education
2. The Origins of the Presidency
3. The Politics of the Presidency
4. The War Power and the Presidency
5. Public Forum: The Presidency and National Security
6. Essay Comparing Presidents and National Security

Presidential Resources:
Presidential Libraries
Recent and Forthcoming Books (2001/2002)
Vice Presidential Resources:
All About the U.S. Vice Presidency website
Recent and Forthcoming Books (2001/2002)
First Lady Resources:
National First Ladies Library
Recent and Forthcoming Books (2001/2002)

Class Schedule:

1st wk Jan
8th wk
M-6 Introduction
W-8 (1.) Democratic Education
F-10 Lincoln and the Presidential Prerogative
M-24 Precedents 1900-1945, Fisher Ch. 3
W-26 UN Charter Korea, Fisher Ch. 4
F-28 Symposium National Security
2nd wk
9th wk March
M-13 (2) Origins of the Presidency, Pika, et al. Ch. 1.
W-15 cont.
F-17 Comparing Presidents and Issues of National Security
M-3 From Korea to Vietnam, Fisher Ch. 5
W-5 Vietnam and War Powers Resolutions, Fisher Ch. 6
F-7 cont.
3rd wk
10th wk
M-20 Holiday
W-22 (3) Election Politics, Pika, Ch. 2
F-24 Public Opinion, Pika Ch. 3
M-10 Ford to Clinton, Fisher, Ch 7
W-12 cont.
F-14 Symposium National Security
M-F 17-21 Spring Break
4th wk
11th wk
M-27 Presidential Character, Pika Ch. 4
W-29 Legislative Politics, Pika Ch. 5
F-31 Comparing Presidents
M-24 Covert Ops. Fisher, Ch. 8
W-26 Restoring Balances, Fisher 9
F-28 Review
5th wk Feb.
12th wk April
M-3 Executive Politics, Pika Ch. 6
W-5 Judicial Politics, Pika Ch 7
F-7 Comparing Presidents
M-31 Last Exam Fisher Chs. 1-9, Lectures
W-2 Symposium
F-4 Symposium
6th wk
13 wk
M-10 National Security, Pika Ch 10
W-12 Review
F-14 Midterm Exam, Pika, Chs. 1-7,10, Lectures
M-7 Symposium
W-9 Symposium
F-11 Symposium UH 156
7th wk
14 wk
M-17 Library Research Comparing Presidents
W-19 (4) Faming the War Powers, Fisher Ch. 1
F-21 Precedents 1789-1900, Fisher Ch. 2
M-14 Reviewing Symposium
W-16 Library Research Comparing Presidents
F-18 cont.
15th wk
M-21 Roundtable Comparing Presidents
W-23 cont.
F-25 cont.
M-28 PPP or Essays on Comparing Presidents Due.

Rules of Engagement:
We are a learning community studying presidential politics. In our discussions we will certainly disagree about issues, but we need to speak civilly and talk to the ideas and not personalize our arguments. The individual student must do all graded work, with no copying from other students. The Honor Code of the University is to be observed in regard to student work. Please check the WebCt course page at least 3 times per week. You are responsible for postings and updates. " I didn't know" is no excuse. Class attendance is required. Successive absences of a week may result in you being dropped from the class for non-attendance. It is your responsibility to inform in writing to the professor any special need in regard to due dates and class attendance in a timely manner. Please use the MAIL in WebCt to communicate with me about your needs in the class. I want you to do well as you can in the class. Let me know if there is anything that may help you in that. Enjoy the opportunity to learn about the world's most powerful elective office.

Accessing WebCT:
· Online courses at AASU are offered throught WebCt. To access WebCt go to the Armstrong homepage http://www.armstrong.edu/ and click on Academics and you will find "Web Coursework." Here you can find information about your Username and Password, which are needed to log into WebCt as well as the portal for logging into WebCt.
· The username is all lower case, the first six characters of your last name and first six characters of your first name. The username is a maximum of 12 characters and if your last name is less then six characters additional letters would be taken from your first name to equal 12 or until last character used. (If you have a dash in your first name or last name the dash is ignored)

Example Username for Stephan Howard: howardstepha
The password is all lower case, the first character of your last name and the last 6 digits of your social security number.
Example Password for Stephan Howard: h123456

Earning Your Grade:

Quizzes ca (6) 30pts.
Midterm Exam 125pts.
Final Exam 125pts.
Essay or PPP Comparing Presidents 75pts.
Public Forum 75pts.

Scoring My Effort: Class Attendance and Preparation:
1. The Angel Award 0-2 absences or late, always prepared to participate in class discussion. 50pts.
2. My Best Effort. 3-4 absences or late, almost always prepared to participate in the class discussion. 40pts.
3. Survivor. 5 or more absences or late, prepared some of the time to participate in the class discussion. 30pts.

All work must be completed by the last day of class. No incompletes are given.

The final grade is based on the total number of points, relative to the highest student in the class using the following scale. You may ask for your class standing at anytime.

A = 95% Never misses class, reads and understands everything
B = 90% reads everything
C = 70% reads everything they understand
D = 60% would rather listen than read
F = 59% Only likes to sign up for courses, thinks reading will give you AIDS

Au Revoir
Thank you  for your hard work.  I hope you have a nice break.  If you would like a letter of recommendation for a job, school, or scholarship, please ask me about this at the end of the term, and I will be happy to provide one for you.  - Dr. Jn. Kearnes  

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